ACT Test Dates - 2018 Full Guide

In this post, we provide all of the most current information about the ACT test dates in 2018 below.

We also link many of our relevant articles about selecting an ACT test date and getting signed up.

As you read this article, it is also important to consider What Test Date is Best For You and think about How You Will Get Ready For the ACT. If you want to try an ACT before signing up, go use one of these Free Practice ACTs.

2018 Test Dates and Deadlines

*September, October, and December test dates are the anticipated test dates for the 2018-2019 school year. The score release information will be included as soon as these test dates and deadlines are officially confirmed.

The ACT is always administered on Saturday mornings. If you cannot take the test on Saturday for religious or other reasons, alternate Sunday test dates are available.

In 2018, the ACT will be offering a July test date for the first time. However, this test date will not be offered in California. As a result, the June 9th ACT will be the last test date for students to take the ACT before the summer.

As you can see, the ACT is offered every two months, with the exception of the back-to-back test dates in fall and the summer. The ACT scores are released before the deadline for the next ACT exam, so students can take tests on back-to-back testing dates. However, this is not always the best decision, as many students do need more time to study and take more practice tests to see improvements in their scores.

Next Steps

Once you have decided which test date to sign up for, you will need to register for the ACT. We also recommend registering as soon as you decide to take the ACT, as spots at popular testing locations often fill up quickly. If you want to score well on the ACT, you should definitely prepare for the ACT (check out our article on 4 Ways To Prepare For the ACT). It is also important to decide When You Are Going to Take the ACT.

Also, remember to never just take the ACT without studying (read our article on Why to Never Take the ACT Without Prep). If you want to take a practice ACT to learn more about the test or see how you score, check out these Free Practice ACTs.

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