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One-on-One Tutoring In Your Own Home.

ScoreBuilder Test Prep specializes in expert instruction in a one-on-one setting to create a customized learning plan for each student.  No two students are alike, so this personalized approach allows students to learn the content, strategies, and test-taking skills that they need to reach their full potential and conquer the SAT. 


Our students average 160 points of improvement on their SAT scores.

Students who prepare with one of our tutors for the SAT average 160 points of improvement.  Normally, students will meet with tutors for a total of 10-15 hours in sessions and will complete 30-40 hours of homework assignments and practice tests.  The process requires hard work but pays off with some great SAT scores!                

How It Works

For our SAT tutoring sessions, we will come to your home or any other convenient location.  We provide all SAT Prep materials, including our own 200-page custom-written SAT notebook that covers the topics, strategies, and test-taking tips that students need to learn for success on test day, unlimited practice SATs, and a SAT study guide.

Everything we do in sessions is personalized to each student based on his or her strengths, weaknesses, and learning style, so there is no set program.  In general, we meet with students once a week for 1-hour sessions for a total of 10-15 hours in sessions.  Each week, students can expect 2-3 hours of homework. 


Of course, the benefit of private tutoring is that we can personalize everything we do to each student, so we can custom-build a plan that will work for you.  If you are rushing to get ready for the SAT, we can setup longer sessions or meet 2x per week and assign more homework.  Already taken an SAT class and need some more help on a specific section?  Not a problem!  No matter what your schedule, budget, or past SAT Prep, we can put together a plan that will get you ready to improve your SAT scores on test day.  

Our Focus

The ScoreBuilder Test Prep SAT program focuses on four major components to increase student confidence on test day and build better scores:

  1. Complete multiple full-length practice tests.  Most students complete 3-5 practice tests during the program.  

  2. Review common content featured on the SAT in 1:1 sessions tailored to the student's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.   

  3. Complete weekly homework assignments.

  4. Learn and apply proven test-taking techniques in 1:1 sessions, on homework assignments, and on practice tests.

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Meet Our Team

At ScoreBuilder Test Prep, we are a team of two full-time tutors: Matthew Stroup and Michael Stroup.  We are experts on the content featured on the SAT.  This expertise means that you are learning directly from someone who fully understands the content, strategies, and test-taking techniques required for success on the SAT.             

Matthew Stroup

Michael Stroup

Matthew Stroup is the founder of ScoreBuilder Test Prep and professional tutor.  Matthew has achieved a perfect 1600 on the SAT and has over 3,000 hours of experience in one-on-one and small group tutoring.  He knows the skills necessary for success on the SAT and is passionate about teaching students how to conquer the SAT in the most efficient way possible.

Matthew graduated from Johns Hopkins University with degrees in Biology and Economics and from Georgetown University with a Masters in Biotechnology.  

Michael Stroup is one of ScoreBuilder Test Prep's professional tutors.  Michael attended Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, where he graduated with a major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. During his time on campus, he was involved in peer-to-peer tutoring and developed fantastic teaching skills.  Michael knows that the key to success on the SAT is to be comfortable and confident on test day.  Michael helps his students fine-tune their techniques and knowledge of the test, so his students achieve the best score possible.         

More About the SAT

Want to learn more about the SAT?  Click on the link below to find out more about the SAT, upcoming testing dates, SAT scoring, and signing-up.  


Thank you so much for all of the help you’ve provided me on my SAT prep.  I can attribute my swift improvement to your outstanding teaching.  I would definitely recommend ScoreBuilder Test Prep to all of my friends.

           -  William A.   Carlsbad, CA