SAT & ACT Group Classes

ScoreBuilder Test Prep offers one-of-a-kind SAT & ACT Group Classes that are designed for high-achieving students aiming for top scores.  

What Makes Our Classes Different?

Learn From One of San Diego's Best Tutors.

While the classes offered by larger test prep organizations are often taught by part-time tutors without much experience, with us you know the class will be taught by one of the best tutors in San Diego.  At ScoreBuilder Test Prep, we are a team of two full-time tutors with a combined 11 years and over 8,500 hours of tutoring experience, and one of us will be teaching the class.  Meet Our Team         

Designed For Top Students

The 30+ ACT Class and 1400+ SAT Class are both designed for high-achieving students aiming for top scores.  While other SAT & ACT classes mix students of all abilities into the same group, our classes selectively enroll only top students.  These course will move at a faster pace than typical SAT & ACT courses and will focus on the most difficult topics, strategies, and test taking tips that students need to achieve top scores.   

Small Class Size

Our classes are usually just 6-10 students, and we limited the classes to a maximum of 12 students. 

Convenient Class Time and Location

We know your schedules are busy during the week, so we teach our classes on Sunday afternoons or evenings in south Carlsbad.  Over the summer, our classes meet on Monday evenings to keep your weekends wide open for summer fun!           

Get Extra Help


On average, students in the 30+ ACT Class improve their scores by

 4 points!

On average, students in the 1400+ SAT Class their SAT scores by

 150 points!


I had an amazing experience working with Matt in the 30+ ACT class. Prior to the class, I struggled to get above 27 in most of the sections. I am proud to say that my composite score increased by 5 points and I was able to score a perfect 36 in both Math and Science. This class truly does offer many benefits and proved to be a game changer going into college admissions. Definitely recommend the 30+ ACT class to anyone looking to increase their ACT score!

                                                    - Ryan M. 

Sometimes taking a class isn't enough.  For students who need some additional help to further improve their scores after the class, we also offer private tutoring.  You can schedule private tutoring sessions with the teacher of the class during the class or after the class.  Many students take advantage of this option if they choose to re-take the SAT or ACT after the class.     

Proven Success.

Don't take our word for it.  We come highly recommended from our clients and college counselors.  Check out our 53 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp (be sure to scroll down since Yelp loves to hide most of our reviews as "not recommended").  Many of the reviews are about our private tutoring, but there are some group class reviews mixed in there as well.   

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On average, students in the 30+ ACT Class improve their composite ACT scores by 4 points.  

Upcoming Class Dates:

Summer Class #1: June 17th - July 15th

Prepare for the July 17th ACT

Summer Class #2:  August 8th - September 5th

Prepare for the September 11th ACT

On average, students in the 1400+ SAT Class improve their composite SAT scores by 150 points.  

Upcoming Class Dates:

Spring Class: May 2nd - May 30th

Prepare for the June 5th

Summer Class:  July 25th - August 22nd

Prepare for the August 28th SAT