Tutoring Services During COVID-19

Learn Safely In-Person or Remotely 

With California reopening, we are now offering in-person tutoring at your home for fully vaccinated students and remote tutoring.  We are committed to keeping everyone in our community safe in these uncertain times while continuing to offer all of our test prep services.             

We are experienced at providing remote tutoring for the SAT & ACT

We regularly tutor students from all over the world as they prepare for the SAT, ACT, other standardized tests, and academic courses.  As a result, we are fully equipped to work with our local San Diego students remotely and can offer our top notch tutoring services via Zoom and Skype.    

Our tutoring sessions run the exact same way remotely as they do in-person, so you can expect the same great results.  To learn more about our SAT & ACT Test Prep, click here.        


How In-Person Tutoring Works

With restrictions lifting, we have resumed our normal in-person tutoring in your home or at other locations.  We are comfortable to meet without masks, but we are also happy continue to wear masks if you prefer that we do so. 


For in-person tutoring, we will provide all materials at the first tutoring sessions.      

How Remote Tutoring Works

For local San Diego students, all materials can be picked up at our location in Cardiff by the Sea.  We will put materials out front of our house for contactless pickup.  For students outside of our immediate area, we will mail all materials to your house before the first tutoring session.  For SAT & ACT Prep, this will include our custom-written SAT or ACT notebook, study guides, and practice tests.  

We meet with students in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings, so we are able to offer flexible scheduling anytime on the weekdays over the summer.

Looking Ahead

We will continue assessing the ongoing COVID-19 situation as it unfolds.  If at any point we deem it unsafe to meet in-person or for any student who start meeting in-person and would later prefer to meet remotely, we can easily transition students to remote learning to continue their test prep online.