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Remote Learning Support

What A Custom-Built Program Might Look Like

Take a read of the hypothetical situations below to learn more about the different ways that we can support students during online classes.  

Situation #1 - The One Who Struggles in Math Class

Dwight is taking Algebra II.  Dwight has always struggled in math class and needs to work hard to get B's.  He also had a hard time with remote learning last spring.  Dwight is not a great at studying on his own, and his parents think that he will need some help this year.     

We can set up 2-3 private tutoring sessions each week.  In these sessions, we can teach Dwight any material that he does understand from class and can work through homework questions.  By meeting regularly, we will be able to make sure that Dwight is learning all of the material and know how to apply it to do well on homework, tests and quizzes.  As we work with Dwight, we can adjust how often we are meeting and how many hours we are meeting each week.  

Situation #2 - Review Before Tests

Sofia is taking Chemistry.  She feels pretty comfortable with remote learning, has a good teacher, and is doing well in the course.  Sofia is a good student and generally does well on homework, but she has not performed as well on tests as she would like.  She studies hard but always gets B's on her tests.  

We can set up review sessions before tests and quizzes.  In these review sessions, we can identify any areas that Sofia needs to improve and help create a study plan leading up to test day.  In addition, we can set up tutoring sessions whenever Sofia finds topics that she is struggling with and can recommend a more comprehensive tutoring plan if we see that it is necessary.          

Situation #3 - The Bad Teacher

Thomas is taking AP Calculus.  His teacher is assigning the students chapters from the textbook to study on their own but she is not actually lecturing during online classes.  Thomas feels like he is not really being taught any of the material in class and is struggling to complete homework assignments and performing poorly on quizzes and tests.  Many of Thomas's classmates are having the same problem.  

We can step in act as the teacher for Thomas by setting up a lecture or lectures each week to teach the material.  If Thomas has classmates who want tutoring as well, we can work with them in a group.  Additionally, we can be a resource for the students if they need help on homework or want to set up review before quizzes and tests.  All of the additional work can be done with the group or individually based on what each student needs.    

Situation #4 - Extra Support For Strong Students

Allie is straight A student who is taking 4 AP classes during junior year.  She is generally very self-sufficient and is proactive about going to teachers when there are any topics she is struggling with.  However, with school going online, Allie is uncertain if she will be able to get time to talk to her teachers.  Allie and her parents want to find somebody that can be there to help.     

We can be the resource for Allie whenever she has topics that she needs help on.  In the spring of 2020, we heard from many students that getting time with their teachers was difficult.  Hopefully, things will run more smoothly in the new school year, but we suspect there will still be some teachers who struggle to offer the same level of support while teaching remotely.  For any students and parents who want to have us as support resource, we ask that you please contact us ahead of time and do not just call in a panic right before a test!    

As you can see by these example, we can support students in a very wide variety of ways.  No matter what the situation, we can put together a program to make remote learning run as smoothly as possible. 


For questions about your individual student or to get on our list of students for Remote Learning Support, please Contact Us