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Remote Learning Support

Helping students succeed in online classes.

Learning remotely presents a challenge for many students.  That's why we are prepared to provide expert support to make online courses run as effectively as  in-person classes.  No matter what your student needs, we can put together a personalized plan to ensure success in the remote classroom.           

We Custom-Build Plans for Each Student

We know that each student learns differently, especially with online learning, so there is no set program that will work for everyone.  We find that it is best to assess each student's unique situation and custom-build a tutoring and teaching program that will work best for you.  Exactly what this program looks like will depend on a variety of factors, including how well the student learns remotely, how effectively the class is taught, and the support the school offers.  By considering all of these factors, we can design a program that best positions each student for success.


Some of the aspects of the teaching and tutoring program can include:     

Homework Help

Review Sessions Before Tests/Quizes

Lectures to Teach The Material

Creating Study Plans

Weekly Check-Ins

Private Tutoring

Group Learning

Email and Text Support

Want to know more about what a custom-built program might look like?  Take a read of some hypothetical situations here.  

How Remote Academic Tutoring Works

We regularly tutor students from all over the world as they prepare for the SAT, ACT, other standardized tests, and academic courses.  As a result, we are fully equipped to work with our local San Diego students remotely and can offer our top notch tutoring services via Zoom and Skype.    

During tutoring and teaching sessions, we share our screens with students, so they can see exactly what we are working on.  We also can also draw directly on the screen as we teach materials or solve questions.  To take notes, students can copy down what we are writing on the screen (as they would in class), take screenshots to review later, or even record the tutoring session.  As a result, our remote tutoring works just as well as our normal in-person academic tutoring.           

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Subjects We Teach


Integrated Math I, II, & III 

Algebra I & II

Geometry & Trigonometry


AP Statistics

AP Calculus AB and BC






AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Physics

Social Sciences



AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics


English (Grammar, Usage, and Writing)

Essay Writing

AP Language

AP Literature

Flexible Scheduling and Shorter Meetings

At ScoreBuilder Test Prep, we are full-time tutors.  That means that we are available mornings, afternoon, and evenings to meet with students.  No matter what your schedule is like, setting up sessions is easy.


For remote learning, we are also offering sessions as short as 30 minutes.  Shorter sessions can be perfect for students who just need help on a few homework question or need quick review before a test.  We also offer longer sessions of 45 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour and 15 minutes, and 1 hour and 30 minutes for students who need more time with the tutor.  Our typical tutoring sessions last 1 hour, but we are offering the shorter session to provide as much flexibility as possible to best support our students.   

Meet Our Team

Matthew Stroup

Michael Stroup

Matthew Stroup is the founder of ScoreBuilder Test Prep and a professional tutor.  He has over 3000 hours of one-on-one and small group tutoring experience.  He graduated from Johns Hopkins with degrees in Biology and Economics and from Georgetown University with a Masters in Biotechnology.  As a math and science nerd, Matthew loves to help students in Math and Science courses.  In addition, he also helps students in Economics courses as well as Essay Writing and English  

Michael Stroup is one of ScoreBuilder Test Prep's professional tutors.  Michael attended Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, where he graduated with a major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. During his time on campus, he was involved in peer-to-peer tutoring and developed fantastic teaching skills.  Michael helps students in Math and Economics Courses.         

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